Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Graduate Intake!

Some new graduates have joined us at Culham, ready for two years of  trials and tribulations (not really) of the graduate scheme. As is becoming standard, they've been asked silly questions and had their photographs taken for the world to see!

From the left, we have...

Jonathan Horne  University of Cambridge, MEng Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering
Department  RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments
Which movie do you want to live in?  Back to the Future – for the wealth of possibilities!
Favourite cheese  Stilton (sorry about the smell)
Hopes for the graduate scheme  To get loads of experience of the world of work and to contribute to the progress towards fusion energy.


Luke Jones  University of Birmingham - MEng Nuclear Engineering
Department  Diagnostic & Fusion Engineering Group
Which movie do you want to live in?   If you’re going to live in a movie then it has to be one with Arnie! I’d go for Last Action Hero
Favourite cheese  Personally I think the true quality of a good cheese is one that comes in a plastic wrapper. Or cheese-cake if that counts?
Hopes for the graduate scheme  My hope for the graduate scheme is to survive. It’s like the Hunger Games, right? Only one can survive and succeed? Maybe this is why fusion is always twenty years away…

Leon Knight  University of the West of England, BEng hons Electrical/Electronic degree 
Department  Power Supplies and RF Heating, working within the ICRH (Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating) group
Which movie do you want to live in?  How to Train your Dragon, so I can train my own dragon to keep the neighbour’s cat out of my garden.
Favourite cheese  Austrian smoked cheese
Hopes for the graduate scheme  To further develop myself as an engineer whilst progressing the development of fusion energy.


Ross Mckean University of the West of England (Bristol UWE), BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Department  Tokamak & Neutral Beam Dept, Pellet section
Which movie do you want to live in?  Definitely Iron Man or the Avengers universe, apart from all the war and destruction being Iron Man or even working at Stark Industries would be amazing.
Favourite cheese  Baked Camembert
Hopes for the graduate scheme  Working on some interesting projects, gaining valuable experience and helping to progress fusion
Thanks for reading! Lastly, we have a silly photo!

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